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Rent Our Camps

Our camps are beautiful and full of activities and accommodations for all sorts of events: Girl Scout troop campouts, family gatherings, service unit camporees, corporate outings, rustic weddings, and more. Each camp is unique, but they all offer a chance to unplug from daily stress and reconnect with nature in a safe, easy, supportive environment. In addition to our exhaustive list of activities, we offer a range of sleeping options, sure to speak to every camper’s taste. From high adventure to formal event to easy-going lounging, no matter what, your group will feel right at home.

Our Camp Reservation Team is standing by to help you plan and deliver your best event yet. See below for details about each camp, and then reach out to to get started.

Family POD Camping at Camp Hoover

Disconnect, unwind, and share a family adventure with us at Camp Hoover this summer! You and your family POD can rent one of our cabins or tent sites for a night, a weekend, or more, plus enjoy a private campfire location and use of the waterfront, playfield, hiking trails, and more!

What's a family POD, you ask? POD stands for People of your Own Designation.  Since we all have different household and family structures, we want to be inclusive in our language for both the usual and the unique groupings. For many, your "POD" will be the adults and children who live in your home. However, it may also include friends or family members from outside your household with whom you feel comfortable socializing.

Located on 340 acres in Middleville, NJ, there is something for everyone at Camp Hoover! Find full descriptions of accommodations, activities, and rental options in our Reservation Packet. Choose what fits best for your family POD, and submit the Reservation Form and full payment. Need advice? Want to check availability? Have questions? Reach us at or 908-947-1733.

Group Camping Reservations

Due to COVD-19 pandemic, GSHNJ’s camp properties are closed for large group gatherings at this time. We continue to evaluate the COVID-19 landscape, and will reach out to event coordinators with rentals scheduled into the fall and winter to offer guidance on how to prepare, what to expect, and next steps should you or GSHNJ choose to cancel or reschedule your reservation. If you have not already heard from the Camp Director and would like to check the status of your reservation, contact us at

Thinking of hosting a group camping event at Camp Hoover, Camp DeWitt, or The OVAL once it’s deemed safe to return? See below for more information about each site.

Contact us at to check future site availability and then complete the site-appropriate reservation form. We’ll connect with you to confirm your details and payment.

In the meantime, here are our general site procedures for all three camps; we’ll send you this and more information once your reservation is confirmed.

Rent Space at Camp Hoover - Middleville, NJ
Rent Space at Camp DeWitt - Hillsborough, NJ
Rent Camp DeWitt Conference Center & Activity Building
Rent Space at The OVAL - Maplewood, NJ