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Council Gift of Caring

We want everyone to share in the deliciousness of Girl Scout Cookies and nuts and candy from our Fall Product Program, which is why we encourage you to purchase a box or tin to support our Council's Gift of Caring. All Gift of Caring donations made during our product programs are sent to the men and women of our military serving overseas.

GSHNJ sent 3,487 units of nuts, candy, and magazines from our 2016 Fall Product Program and 69,364 boxes of cookies from our 2017 Cookie Program to troops overseas—a 30% increase in cookies from the previous year!

This year, we are excited to partner with Operation Jersey Cares as part of our mission to support and meet the needs of our service men and women both here and abroad.

Not only does this teach girls to give back to those in need, but you’ll feel amazing knowing that someone is benefiting from your Girl Scout purchase, too.