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Summer Camp


Save the date for in-person summer camp with GSHNJ in 2021! In-person day camp at Camp DeWitt and The OVAL will open on July 7, 2021. If New Jersey passes Reopening Phase 3 by April 15, Camp Hoover will open for in-person resident camp on July 11, 2021.

Plus, Camp In Our Hearts will open on July 12, 2021! Camp IOH is a mix of live, interactive virtual sessions, on-your-own activities, recorded materials, and extra fun the Girl Scout way. Open to all girls entering Kindergarten-5th grade, Camp IOH is your opportunity for a little camp fun right at home.

We’ll release full details in late February, so keep an eye on this page for a new camp program guide, guidance for families who carried over their 2020 summer camp registrations, and links for online registration.


Mark your calendars for GSHNJ Summer Camp 2021 (these dates are subject to change):

Camp DeWitt and The OVAL Day Camps  Camp In Our Hearts (Camp IOH) Virtual Camp Camp Hoover Resident Camp 
Season Opener: July 7-9 Session 1: July 13-15 Session 1: July 11-17
Session 1: July 12-16 Session 2: July 20-22 Session 2: July 18-24
Session 2: July 19-23 Session 3: July 27-29 Session 3: July 25-31
Session 3: July 26-30 Session 4: August 3-5 Session 4: August 1-7
Session 4: August 2-6   Session 5: August 8-14
Session 5: August 9-13    

Summer Camp Registration Opens March 8


A Note About Safety

Nothing is more important than the emotional and physical safety of our campers. GSHNJ camp programs are designed to allow campers to take healthy risks in a safe, supportive, all-girl environment. Our staff receive extensive training, and are chosen for their maturity, experience, and ability to be positive role models to young girls. All of our camps are ACA accredited. This year health and safety is at the forefront of our planning, and we will post our COVID strategy and updates about changes to camp here to keep you informed of ways we are going to keep campers and staff safe this summer.

Why Camp Is Important

The American Camp Association, of which GSHNJ is an accredited member, finds that summer camp is a catalyst for child development, preparing campers to assume roles a successful adults. At summer camp, kids learn how to be with people who are different from them, learn that “I can” is more powerful than “I can’t,” and gain a sense of both independence and community. Spending time outdoors in nature is different from playing or learning inside.

They move more. The outdoors offers open space where children can move in more physically intense ways. This allows them to development their movement capability and confidence—both of which create foundations for active lifestyles and general health.

They pay attention better. Spending time in nature has been shown to improve concentration and creative reasoning among children and adults, including those with attention deficits.

Nature is novel. Outdoor experiences often place children in new physical, psychological, and social situations that motivate curiosity and foster a sense of discovery. Authentic challenges in nature require girls to become more self-aware and to cooperate, communicate, and problem-solve more effectively.

Camp Life is the Best Life!


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