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Summer Camp

Registration for Camp DeWitt, The OVAL, and Camp Hoover is expected to open on 12/1/2021! 

Can’t wait for the summer? Visit GSHNJ’s Rent Our Camps page for more information and to get your adventure started. Also, keep your eyes on our Event Calendar for pop-up day programming for campers, families, and friends! 


Summer Camp Employment — Coming Late Fall 2021!



Mark your calendars for GSHNJ Summer Camp 2022 (these dates are subject to change):

Camp DeWitt and The OVAL Day Camps  Camp Hoover
Season Opener: July 6-8 Session 1: July 10-16
Session 1: July 11-15 Session 2: July 17-23
Session 2: July 18-22 Session 3: July 24-30
Session 3: July 25-29 Session 4: July 31-August 6
Session 4: August 1-5 Session 5: August 7-August 13
Session 5: August 8-12 Session 6: August 14-August 20

A Note About Safety

Girl Scouts Heart of New Jersey is committing to allowing our girls to return to camp this summer as we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. We recognize the profound impact the pandemic has had on our families and the many changes it has caused in our lives. However, the need for us to engage as a camp community has not changed – it has increased. Never has the need for camp been greater, for bringing face to face relationships, freedom from screens, and tons of growth opportunities in the fresh air.

These policies and procedures are subject to change based on best practices. 

Last Update: 3/3/2021

Not sure if camp is right for your family? The benefits of camp extend way beyond learning how to build a campfire. Read more about The Power of Camp below:

Back to School and Camp - 10 Benefits of Summer Camp

"The summer camp experience can give kids an advantage in school and in life. Here’s how camp benefits kids."

11 Lasting Benefits of Summer Camp

"Kids go from home to school to extracurriculars, with each environment contributing to their development. Summer camp, then, is another unique venue for growth, allowing kids to become independent and self-confident, while socializing and making new friends, and even learning new skills."


Camp Life is the Best Life!


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