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YOUniversity is a weekend of enrichment training workshops for Girl Scout volunteers—you don’t have to be a troop leader to participate! Design your weekend as you wish: come just for the day Saturday, stay for Saturday evening extras, come back on Sunday for more workshops, or just spend the night and take it all in.

Workshops are facilitated by subject matter experts from GSHNJ staff, community partners, and veteran Girl Scout volunteers. Bring along buddies from your troop or service unit to join forces and fully explore all of the workshop options available through the weekend.


May 4-5, 2019
Camp DeWitt | 605 Montgomery Road, Hillsborough, NJ

Dr. Liz YOUniversity
Dr. Liz  |  Keynote Speaker
Speaker, Author, and Consultant

Presentation: Living Online
Technology is an integral part of a young person’s life. As a result, young people (especially teenagers) spend more time on computers, cell phones, and other devices and less time socializing in person.  Attendees will learn how to encourage youth to communicate more off-line, the real consequences of spending too much time online, and how to help find a good balance between the two.


YOUniversity Workshop Descriptions
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