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For Volunteers

Aside from planning events and attending off-site trips, volunteers also help out with selling Girl Scout Cookies! As a volunteer, you’ll assist in coordinating cookie sales at the troop level, setting up fun cookie booths, managing the inventory and money… all while helping teach your troop about business ethics. Another great reward? You get to watch the girls light up when they earn the rewards they’re working so hard for – and that’s a really good feeling.

Our volunteers make a huge difference and a positive impact on the girls in their troops. Looking for more reasons you should participate in the Cookie Program? We’ll give them to you.

It’s easy as 1-2-3!


As a Troop Cookie Manager, you can access helpful training and resources to help track and manage how many boxes you’re selling and how much money you’re making.


You get to teach: Goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics – it doesn’t get any better than that.


Girls who sell Girl Scout Cookies are successful in the future: And you had a hand in crafting that success.


Girls earn rewards! And you do, too. Use the money you earn toward program supplies, activities, trips, and more.

Looking for the tools you need to make your Girl Scout Cookie Program a success? Not to fear, we have them in the resource center!