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Girl Scouts Heart of New Jersey is a member-driven organization with girls, caregivers, and volunteers actively engaged in creating strategic direction that influences governance and operations. Meet our Leadership.

Service Unit Delegations

SERVICE UNIT DELEGATIONS: GSHNJ Service Unit Delegates are the conduit between the members of our service units and our Board of Directors. Delegates have a responsibility to be knowledgeable about the community they represent, actively engage with their constituents, and liaise with GSHNJ staff and Board of Directors to influence the strategic direction of our council.

Service Unit Delegates report to Service Unit Managers and are voting members of the council. They serve a term of two years and may serve for no more than three consecutive terms. Service units hold elections or select their delegates in the fall, so they may begin their terms in January. Each service unit is entitled to two delegates, at least one of whom must be 18 years or older.

Leadership Forums

LEADERSHIP FORUMS: Leadership Forums are hosted prior to Annual Meeting to facilitate an open dialogue with council leadership and service unit volunteers. The Forums are your opportunity to talk with council leadership to share concerns from your community, understand council-wide strategic decisions, engage with other service units, and interact with the members of our Board of Directors and council executives.

This year, GSHNJ is creating a new 5-year strategic plan. Service Unit Delegates should expect to play a significant role in its formation through the Leadership Forums.

Service Unit Delegates are expected to attend at least one Forum per year but may attend as many as you like. Advance registration is required so delegates have adequate time to review the agenda and prepare for discussions by reflecting with their communities.

Communities that would like to raise a point of discussion at a Leadership Forum must submit a Discussion Topic Proposal.

Annual Meeting

ANNUAL MEETING: GSHNJ’s Bylaws require an annual meeting of the Corporation Membership, which is comprised of our Board of Directors, Board Development Committee, Service Unit Delegates, and National Council Delegates. Any member of Girl Scouts Heart of New Jersey who is 14 years or older may attend as guests.

The Fourteenth Annual meeting consisted of two virtual segments: on March 29, 2022, we heard Natasha Hemmings reflect on the challenges, successes, and innovations of GSHNJ in 2021 through her CEO Report.  The formal business of the Annual Meeting occured on April 6, 2022. Voting members may request a copy of the slide deck from

As voting members of the Corporation, the current Board of Directors, Board Development Committee, Service Unit Delegates and National Council Delegates are expected to attend and actively participate in Annual Meeting as representatives of the interests of their communities. Voting members must register their virtual attendance in advance of the meetings to ensure that quorum will be met, as quorum is required to advance the agenda and perform the business of the meeting.

National Council Delegation

National Council Delegates represent GSHNJ at GSUSA’s triennial National Council Session adjacent to the national convention. They also serve as delegates-at-large at GSHNJ’s Annual Meeting, and those over 18 years old are voting members of the council.

National Council Delegates serve a term of three years, are selected by GSHNJ’s Board Development Committee, and are elected at the Annual Meeting in the year prior to the triennial National Council Session.  Congratulations to the candidates below who are on this year’s election slate.


Olivia Altidor
Andrea Beck
Normandie Beversluis
Anshu Cherukumilli
Laureen Delance
Gwen Duralek
Natasha Hemmings
Naima Ricks
Sriya Tallapragada

Alternate Delegates

Charlotte Bruchey
Jamie Cridge
Liza Davis
Andrea Steffens