As an adult volunteer, we offer a variety of different trainings to help you with your journey as a mentor in the Girl Scout program. Whether you prefer in-person trainings or would rather complete trainings online, GSHNJ provides both.  Not sure what trainings you need to take?  Check out who needs what, which will answer most of your questions.

How to Register:


If you don’t already have an eBiz account, start by making one here


Find the training course you wish to attend by visiting our online calendar or login to eBiz directly to search for a training you would like to complete.


Choose the “Activities” tab at the top of the page. 


Refine your search by choosing “Learning & Training – Volunteer Training” on the left hand side or, use the handy search bar. For example, type in Daisy Level or Basic Leadership for trainings related to those topics.


Click on “Register Now” at the bottom of the page and complete the process. Congrats! You’re all registered for training. If you have any questions regarding training, please contact our training department.