Junior troop 60177 has completed their bronze award project. Inspired by their love of the environment and sea turtles. They chose to raise awareness about plastic in the ocean and it's damaging effect on sea turtles. They planned and spent a day cleaning the beach at Sandy Hook. The troop created turtles from the trash to show what they found. Two programs were developed, one for daisies and brownies, the second for juniors and above. At the programs troops  were shown how  plastic in the ocean damages marine life, why it looks like turtles food and what we can do to keep it out of the ocean. At the end of the program the participants signed a pledge to keep plastic and trash out of the ocean, by disposing it properly and  to pick up trash they see  to save the sea turtles. 

Antanina Imbriaco - Leader Troop 60177