Programs as Fundraisers
Cadette, Senior, and Ambassador Girl Scouts are invited to create and run council programs. In exchange for your planning, preparation, facilitation and leadership, you will make a troop profit from the program.

Program Eligibility

  • This opportunity is open to Cadette, Senior, and Ambassador Girl Scout Troops/Groups only.
  • Troops must comply with all GSHNJ policies & procedures and Safety Activity Checkpoints.
  • The troop must be registered Girl Scout members and must have participated in the most recent cookie sale and nut/candy/magazine sale (prior to your proposal submission) in order to participate in this Troop Fundraising Program opportunity.

Program Requirements

  • Troop Fundraising Programs are to be created and implemented by girls, with the troop leader lending support.
  • Interested Troops/Groups must complete the Troop Fundraising Program Proposal and Budget.
  • The troop is responsible for all preparations: securing a location, budgeting, and supplies needed to run the program. (Note: If your troop chooses to use a Council Service Center for your program location, there will be a $40 charge for use of the facility. It is recommended that you find an outside site for your program because of the volume of requests and the limited space available.)
  • Troops must have a First Aider in attendance throughout the duration of the program.
  • Troops must have program participants complete Council program evaluation forms.

Program Selection

  • It is recommended that Troop Fundraising Programs are based on Girl Scout level badges or Journey activities.
  • You will be contacted by the Program Department confirming your program's acceptance.
  • Approximately two weeks prior to the program, a packet will be assembled for the troop which will include a roster of the participants and blank program evaluation forms along with patches if applicable.

Profits to Troops

  • Troops create a program fee by using the budget worksheet. An automatic processing fee of $6.00 per registered participant will be added to your program fee to cover the cost to Council. The rest of the collected program fee goes to the troop.
  • Troops will not receive money raised until all participant evaluations have been returned to the Council.
  • A check to the troop will be sent approximately 4-6 weeks after the program has taken place.

Troop Fundraising Programs do not accept Cookie Credits.