About the Peace First Prize

The Peace First Prize celebrates peacemakers who have taken action to address injustice in their schools, neighborhoods, and communities. Peacemaking demands compassion (understanding other people), courage (taking risks to help others), and collaborative change (engaging others) to create justice, fairness, and peace where it didn’t exist before.

The Prize is offered annually to youth aged 8-22 living in the United States. Peace First invests in the long-term ability of winners to become national peace leaders. Winners will be awarded a $50,000 Peace First Fellowship over two years. The fellowship includes a customized curriculum, and individual coaching, networking, and mentoring from prominent business and community leaders.

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How to Apply

You may apply for the Peace First Prize or someone may nominate you! Applications are due March 17, 2014 (by 5pm EST).

Applications will be evaluated by Peace First staff based on nominee’s peacemaking work in meeting stated criteria that include compassion, courage and ability to promote collaborative change. The Prize Screening Committee will narrow the pool of applicants to help identify the finalists. A small group of distinguished and high-profile leaders will then interview finalists and endorse a group of 5-10 winners to the Peace First Board of Directors for approval.

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Questions? Please contact Aimee Bianca, Girl Award Specialist at abianca@gshnj.org or prize@peacefirst.org.