What are matching gifts?

Companies that have a matching fits program may match contributions from employee’s to the Girl Scouts Heart of New Jersey. It is a great way to increase support of Girl Scouting! 

What are volunteer grants?

When you donate your time to GSHNJ, many companies will recognize your efforts with a monetary gift to GSHNJ after completing a Volunteer Grant Request. By doing this, GSHNJ not only get great volunteer service, but also a monetary donation. Speak to your Human Resources department to find out if your company participates in Volunteer Grants.

How do I find out if my employer has a matching gift or volunteer grant program?

It’s simple! Contact your company’s human resources department. If your employer has a matching gifts / volunteer grant program, you should also ask if a contribution to the Girl Scouts Heart of New Jersey qualifies. If so, you should request a matching gift / volunteer grant application to complete. 

What donations to the GSHNJ qualify for matching gifts?

Contributions from employees (and sometimes spouses and retirees) of the company offering the matching fits program qualify for a company match. 

Do matching gifts from the employer count toward individual gifts?

No, matching gifts are recorded as gifts from the company. Most companies require a signed statement from the council that the individual requesting the matching gift will not receive any benefits from the matching gift. 

How are matching gift / volunteer grant forms submitted to council?

If the Girl Scout Council qualifies for a matching gift / volunteer grant, complete the employee portion of the form and send the form and personal donation to: 

Girl Scouts Heart of New Jersey
Attention: Annual Giving
1171 Route 28
North Branch, NJ 08876

How does the 20% Troop Rebate for a matching gift/volunteer grant of $250+ work?

Once you request the Matching Gift or Volunteer Grant from your company, send an email to funddevelopment@gshnj.org notifying them of your request and of which troop or Service Unit you would like to designate as recipient of the 20% rebate.  Companies typically take 2-5 months to issue payment.  Once Council receives payment and notification of the troop or Service Unit designation, it will take 2-6 weeks for the troop/Service Unit to receive the funds.  Rebate checks will be sent to the troop leader/Service Unit Manager to deposit into the troop/Service Unit bank account.