Journeys Gold Award Requirements
The Gold Award Project Components Explained

The Gold Award project is intended for you to lead the community in addressing the root cause of an issue and use your community resources to create a lasting impact that will be on-going after you are done with your project.  There are six components we look for in a Gold Award project:

Leadership –This includes planning, organizing and supervising people.  This is a very important part of the Gold Award.  The Gold Award is a leadership award where girls should be doing things to further develop their leadership skills.  Examples include creating a yearly event, starting a program, running a camp or workshop.  For the Gold Award the girl is the lead person on planning, organizing and communicating with the GS Council. The project also needs to involve other people that girls are leading/coordinating. These people should reach beyond the girl’s friends, family and GS troop.  Girls should be utilizing people in their community to bring their project idea into reality. 

Unique - A girl should be doing something new to challenge herself and that will put her outside her comfort zone. She also should be doing something that isn’t in existence in the community they are working with and therefore should be filling a need in the community.

Sustainable - The idea is for girls to start something new in the community that will continue once they are finished with their 80 hours. Examples: Girls can create a program that will run once they are out of the picture.  They could recruit another group of people to take over their event for next year, leaving them with a detailed plan, contacts and directions on how to run the event. Create a permanent installation somewhere that has impact, etc.  Knowledge that participants gained through the project and items that are donated would not count as a sustainable piece.  Instead think about how your project can continually educate people or how items can continually be collected.

Educational – A project needs to be educational to the girl or to others. Girls could teach others a skill, spread awareness, educate people about a cause and what they can do to help, etc. 

Global Link – This component is about girls linking their project with a community outside of the community they are serving for their project.  It can be as simple as sharing information about how they put together their project plan with another organization. 

Service – Girls need to provide a service to the community.  This is fairly easy to include in the project.  The challenge for girls is to be sure their project isn’t just a community service project.  Their project should be a service to the community but should also include all the other components to bring it to the level of a Gold Award.  Collection drives and murals would be examples of community service projects, not Gold Award projects.

Another thing to note: Pre-existing programs are not unique and don’t require enough leadership to use for the Gold Award.  These programs include, raising a Seeing Eye Dog, becoming an EMT or First Aid instructor, hosting a Blood drive.  There are ways to use these causes as a jumping off point and build a project around them, but doing these programs alone would not meet the Gold Award standards.