Girl Scout Gold Award

The Girl Scout Gold Award is the highest award a Girl Scout can earn.  It is a leadership award where girls in grades 9-12 go into the community and address the root cause of an issue.  Community resources are then used to create a lasting impact that will be on-going after the project is completed.

In addition to leaving a lasting impact on the community, girls themselves will be impacted.  Through the Gold Award project girls will further develop their leadership skills by planning, organizing, and leading other people. They will develop patience, confidence, time management, communication, public speaking and other skills that will carry over into their college life and careers.  Girls will stand out amongst the sea of people applying for college because they will have unique, real-world experience. They took the initiative to do something outside of the Girl Scout community and outside of school-organized activities.  They then created their own project to benefit the community of their choosing.

Girls must attend a council sponsored Gold Award Workshop before begining their project, where they will learn the details of the Gold Award requirements. Parents and leaders are invited to attend the workshop as well.  Refer to the Council calendar for workshop dates.  More . . .

Gold Award Project Components Explained

Gold Award Requirements

  • 2 Journeys (or 1 Journey if you have earned the Silver Award)
  • Council Sponsored Gold Award Workshop

GSHNJ requires a mandatory workshop for all girls interested in completing their Gold Award. In order to attend Gold Award Workshop, you must either be 14 years old or in the 9th grade. You must complete this workshop prior to Step 4 of the Gold Award Requirements.

Gold Award Workshops are held at each of the three GSHNJ Service Centers once per month and are free of charge. Please view our online calendar for available dates. You must register for the workship you would like to attend via eBiz

Ready to start your gold?  Click here for the application process and forms.

Gold Award Information Sheet[ pdf download ]
Gold Award Requirements[ pdf download ]
Gold Award FAQ[ pdf download ]
Gold Award Proposal Forms[ doc download ]
About Money & Your Project[ pdf download ]
Gold Award Troop/Group Advisor Agreements[ doc download ]
Gold Award Final Paperwork[ doc download ]
Bronze, Silver & Gold Awards at a Glance[ pdf download ]
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