Girl Scout Bronze Award

The Girl Scout Bronze Award is the highest award a Girl Scout Junior can earn. It shows that girls have made a promise to help others and improve their community. Here are some things to keep in mind before beginning the process:

  1. All requirements, including the project itself and all paperwork must be completed and turned in to council by September 30th of the beginning of the girl's 6th grade school year. 

  2. Each girl must complete a minimum of 20 project hours.

  3. Girls may not begin the Bronze Award project until the Journey has been completed.

  4. The following must be submitted to Council once the project is completed for approval and pin purchase:

    » One Troop/Group Pin Purchase form per troop
    » One Girl Scout Bronze Award Report Form per girl
    » One Project Log per girl 

      All forms should be emailed to:
  5. The following must be submitted to Council once the project is completed for Council approval and pin purchase, by September 30th of the year they complete 8th grade.
  6. You must show the authorized Pin Purchase Form at any of the GSHNJ Council Shops to purchase the Girl Scout Bronze Award Pin.
  7. A Bronze Award Workshop is available for interested leaders and co-leaders. Please view our online calendar for available dates and register for the session you would like to attend via eBiz.

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For questions please contact:
For further questions contact:  
             Julie Wagenblast

             Girl Award Program Specialist

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Girl Scout Bronze Award Requirements
Since our guidelines have recently changed, it’s imperative that you read the Bronze Award Girl Guidelines.

Step 1: Go on a Junior Level Journey

» Complete a Journey of the girls' choice

» The Journey can be completed individually or as a group

» The Take Action Project at the end of the Journey must be completed for the Bronze Award

  • There are no hour requirements for this project
  • This project can be completed as a group or individually
  • This is NOT the Bronze Award project

Step 2: Build Your Girl Scout Junior Team

»  Girls should be working as a group, even if they are a Juliette. Seek other girls in the community to work with. (Page 2 of the Girl Guidelines).

»  Remember one outcome of the Bronze Award is for girls to learn teamwork.  

Step 3: Explore Your Community

»  Find out what’s in your community.  Take a walk, visit the town hall, go to the records section of the library, and check out the different local organizations.  Talk to people!

»  See page 3-6 in the guidelines for more ideas on how to explore your community.

Step 4: Choose Your Girl Scout Bronze Award Project

» Have the girls brainstorm with their team and select a project that they are passionate about that would meet a need in the community. 

» See pages 7-9 of the Girl Guidelines for more information on choosing a topic

» Things to remember:

  • You cannot raise money for another Organization.  See the About Money & Your Project Handout.
  • You may hold a fundraiser to help support your project (ie a car wash to purchase the soil and flowers for a garden).  Any time spent fundraising does not count towards the 20 project hours.
  • Any prior established program (such as a Camporee or SU event) would not fulfill the Bronze Award requirements.
  • Girl Scouts does not take a stance on some controversial issues. Therefore, a girl’s project cannot support a controversial issue. If the girls have a project idea and are unsure about if it hits on a sensitive issue, contact Nicole Lastra via

Step 5: Make a Plan
» Once the girls have chosen a topic have them plan the steps involved.  

» Assign each girl specific tasks; each girl must make her own unique leadership contribution to the project.

» Each girl must complete 20 project hours.

» See pages 9-11 of the Girl Guidelines for more information about making a plan.

Step 6: Put Your Plan in Motion

» Once the girls have a plan, do it! 

» Your project does not have to be approved by Council before beginning.

» Projects should be girl led and address a need in the community that requires planning to execute.

Step 7: Spread the Word

Once the girls’ project is completed, the girl(s) should take some time to think about what they did, who they impacted and what they accomplished.  Have the girls share their story by presenting to other girls, submitting an article to the newspaper, etc.

Step 8:  Achievement and Council Recognition

Once your project is completed, the Bronze Award Report Form, Project Log and Pin Purchase Form must be completed, signed and sent to the East Service Center for approval. Please send, via email to:

Paperwork, Girl Guidelines, Adult Guides and additional information can be found by clicking on the Forms & Resources tab above.


Julie Wagenblast

Girl Award Program Specialist


General Bronze Award Information Sheet[ pdf download ]
Bronze Award Journeys Report Form & Project Log[ doc download ]
Bronze Award Project Budget [ doc download ]
Bronze Award Pin Purchase Form[ doc download ]
Bronze Award Girl Guidelines Packet[ view website ]
About Money & Your Project[ pdf download ]
Bronze, Silver & Gold Awards at a Glance[ pdf download ]