We are also happy to announce keynote speaker: Dr. Pamela Conrad from NASA!

In August of 2012, NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory Mission landed a rover on Mars to investigate whether life was possible on the planet. Cool, right? Want to know something even cooler? Dr. Pamela Conrad, a member of the Mars Science Laboratory team, is the keynote speaker for the 100 Years of Science Conference at Stevens Institute of Technology on Sept. 29th.

Pamela Conrad is an astrobiologist and mineralogist with the Planetary Environments Laboratory at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, MD, USA. She has worked for the past several years on the development of approaches and measurements for assessment of habitability in planetary surface environments and the development of non-invasive optical methods for the in situ chemical and mineralogical surface assessment of potential rock sample targets. She has participated in seven arctic expeditions as well as two Antarctic expeditions (one as PI), and explored deep-sea hydrothermal vents on the floor of the Pacific Ocean from a submersible. As a woman working in S.T.E.M., Dr. Pamela Conrad motivates girls to pursue careers in science and technology, and we are so excited for her to speak at this event! Please share this news with any science-minded girl you know – this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see a world renowned NASA scientist!

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